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906 W Cannon St, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors was hired as a Landlord/Seller’s representative to lease or sell the newly built mixed- use building. The building is 6,600 square feet and has four residential units over 3,300 square feet of commercial space. The façade is constructed of painted brick with stained wood accents. It is located in the Near Southside within walking distance of the Harris Methodist Hospital campus. Hatfield Advisors was able to procure a Buyer very soon after listing the property and sold for a price higher than Seller expected.

6445 Harris Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76132

Hatfield Advisors was hired by BorrowWorks, a Fort Worth Small Business of the Year Award Winner, to locate a new corporate headquarters building in Tarrant County. After understanding the programming requirements and determining the area boundaries, a list of opportunities - both on and off-market- was identified for BorrowWorks. After a building was selected, Hatfield Advisors reviewed and provided insight relating to the location, parking, environmental, contracts, and suggested engineers for the 15,849 square foot building. The firm purchased the property and after advice from Hatfield Advisors, made renovations to meet its operational needs.

West 7th/Cultural District Fort Worth Successes

Hatfield Advisors has successfully represented multiple Landlords, tenants, sellers, and buyers in transactions throughout the West 7th neighborhood in Fort Worth. Hatfield Advisors takes pride in being a market expert in the West 7th area, whether it’s representing buyers or sellers in assembling multiple contiguous properties from different ownership groups or leading the leasing efforts for property owners in the area, such as the building shown above at 3108 W 6th Street.

600 Texas St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Hatfield Advisors was hired as a Buyers representative to find a new location for an accounting firm. After understanding the programming requirements and determining the area boundaries, a list of opportunities - both on and off-market- was identified for Mesch CPAs. Initially the company expected to sign a long-term downtown lease until an opportunity for ownership was discovered. Hatfield Advisors reviewed and provided insight relating to the location, parking, existing leases, environmental, contracts, suggested engineers and analyzed the income of the 12,000+ square foot building. The firm purchased the 600 Texas Street building and is proud to call it their new home.

Development Projects

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1001 Bryan Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

A former bar, 1001 Bryan was identified and completed renovated by Hatfield Advisors and the original brick was exposed and cleaned. Two new glass overhead doors and parking lot have been added. The tenant, Pouring Glory has become the darling of the Near Southside neighborhood and is one of the most popular restaurants and craft beer pubs in Fort Worth. The building is one street east of South Main Street.

916 Bryan, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors and Presidio Interests have teamed up again to bring the Near Southside a new creative office environment. Hatfield Advisors located the dilapidated building and saw the vision of creating offices out of an existing warehouse. The redevelopment is aimed at small creative businesses looking for a modern industrial atmosphere to call home. Improvements include a new roof, cutting in new windows and doors, creating a new staircase, masonry, carpentry, new steel columns, sitework, new parking lot, new fence and gate, new sidewalks, as well as new irrigation and landscaping. The building is just under 9,000 square feet.

3526 W Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Hatfield Advisors was hired by Karsten Advisors, a Fort Worth financial firm, to locate a building for their expanding operations in Tarrant County. After understanding the programming requirements and determining the area boundaries, a list of opportunities - both on and off-market- was identified for Karsten. After a building was selected and purchased, Hatfield Advisors was hired to serve as an Owner’s Representative. The responsibilities included hiring and overseeing the architect, MEP engineer, structural engineer, and general contractor. Insight was provided by Hatfield Advisors related to draw processes, design and value engineering with architect, engineers and general contractor, as well as advance knowledge of how design decisions could impact future operations for the 10,000 square foot building. Hatfield Advisors completed its scope when the Tenant received their Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Fort Worth and enjoyed assisting Karsten with their new building.

Magnolia May, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors formed a joint venture with Presidio Interests to redevelop an antiquated group of buildings and expand the area's energy east on Magnolia Avenue in the Near Southside of Fort Worth. The buildings began with a flower shop built in 1925 and subsequent buildings were erected adjacent to the historic building totaling 9,600 square feet. The entire site was over an acre and the re-development plan included rehabilitating all buildings, demolition of two houses, new roofs, facades, windows and doors, new plumbing and electrical, sitework, new parking lot, new landscaping, and responsibility of creating an adjacent new residential community. Hatfield Advisors worked closely with Near Southside, Inc. to insure the feel of the redevelopment was meeting the goals of the neighborhood. Historic Fort Worth distinguished the property as a Preservation Award Winner. The property continues to be a great asset in the Hatfield Advisors portfolio.

Advisory Projects

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126 S. Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors understands the direction of real estate growth. In this case, an opportunity arose to purchase a building in a transitional area. The area is less than a mile from Sundance Square, I-30, I-35, and all major hospitals. Working with two other businesses, the property was thoroughly assessed and ultimately acquired prior to nearby new development. Such developments include a new hospital, multifamily communities and reconstruction of South Main's entire streetscape. Adaptive re-use upgrades and area development has created a significant value increase for the ownership.

701 S. International Rd, Garland, TX 75042

Karlee is a contract manufacturer of precision sheet metal and machined components for the communications, defense, aerospace, commercial goods and medical equipment industries. Hatfield Advisors was hired to consult and strategize regarding the expansion of their facility. The opportunity to expand into a lower income area and the creation of many new jobs within that area allowed for qualification of New Market Tax Credits. The New Market Tax Credit Program rewards businesses like Karlee for investing in a blighted community by issuing tax credits thus allowing for further job creation.

1401 S Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75215

Hatfield Advisors was hired to analyze the potential redevelopment of a 5-story building in the Cedars area of Dallas into mixed-use. The Hughes Candy Building aka the Gulf Cone Building was built in 1903 with a brick façade and wood floors. The analysis included historical research and coordination with Texas Historic Commission, local Cedars and City of Dallas representatives, a market analysis, financial analysis, architectural, acoustical engineer, structural and MEP engineer coordination. The building is near the Dallas high-speed train depot and sold for a significant profit.

Carnegie Centre, Oklahoma City, OK

Hatfield Advisors was hired as a consultant to provide strategic planning, investment, new market, tax increment financing and historic tax credit structuring for a building built in the early 1950's. It is located in downtown Oklahoma City in the heart of the Central Business District. The 62,000 square foot building was originally built as the public library as has been renovated to accommodate residential lofts, parking and commercial space. The complex ownership structure required concise coordination of all financing and investing entities including Community Development Entities to ensure the project's success. The building has been a great example of private developers working with public entities for a win-win solution.

Investment Projects

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2140 S. Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors purchased two manufacturing facilities totaling more than 43,000 square feet with another company in Fort Worth. The 3-acre property was not being properly maintained and required a significant investment. Improvements included renovations to the site, roof, painting, and building masonry. After improvements were completed, the properties achieved a higher market valuation and was sold. The return to investors was well over initial projections.

6301 Woodway Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133

Hatfield Advisors located and formed an ownership entity to purchase and renovate a multi-family community containing 108 units in Fort Worth. The 110,500 rentable square foot property was being mismanaged and had a significant amount of deferred maintenance. HA assembled a strategic plan to infuse capital into the property and increase the property's value through changing management, creating two new community courtyards, increasing HVAC efficiencies, upgrading the two boiler systems, painting, fence repairs, unit upgrades, common area concrete and steel upgrades, window and roof upgrades. After the changes were completed, the property became stabilized with a higher quality tenant, higher rental revenue, and a higher market value. The property was sold, resulting in a return to investors that exceeded the initial projects.

1021 Washington, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors located and formed an ownership entity with another company to purchase a 2-story medical office building in the medical district of Fort Worth. The 13,000 square foot building had been neglected however the property was on a very visible corner. The repair and upgrade plan included a new concrete drive and striping, exterior painting, new fencing, new gutters and downspouts, electrical and irrigation upgrades as well as new landscaping. The property was sold and returns to investors surpassed the initial projections.

400 E South St, Arlington, TX 76010

A former Goodyear service building, Hatfield Advisors made an investment in a growing area near the University of Texas at Arlington. The building was in close proximity to the home of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys in an up and coming local entertainment district. The building renovations included sitework, façade renovations, glass overhead doors, new mechanical, electrical and restrooms as well as a new kitchen. These renovations created a great place to hang out in an expanding district centrally located within the DFW MetroPlex. The building continues to be a solid asset in the Hatfield Advisors portfolio.

201 S. Calhoun St, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Hatfield Advisors was hired as a consultant to provide investment, lending, tax increment financing and historic tax credit structuring for a building built in 1913. The 56,000 square foot building is located just south of downtown Fort Worth in the Near Southside. Originally used for storage and deliveries, the building has been transformed into apartment lofts, creative commercial space and an event center. The use of federal historic tax credits allowed investors to receive a large percentage of their initial investment at stabilization. State historic tax credits are now available for projects similar to this.